Your life moves within you always, even in sleep and in death your life stirs in the light and broods in the dark. It travels everywhere. It spills over the edges like the ocean and touches the parts of this world you never believed you would touch.

Reverence is belonging. To this earth. A sense of humility and respect for the forces that brought us together at one moment in grand sweeping infinity, rushing through me now in midnight sheafs of stars and pages and books, the most wonderful dream, darling, they were so very close, all of them, tiny waves on the sea, blue and green and cold, always this dream of water, splash of air and wet froth onto concrete, a silver ladder glinting in the sun. 

Early memories join brethren in a pool of light rising in my mind. All of my memories together there at the lake of treasured summers, in the arms of my father, my mother's hand gripped in mine. All of us, together, now, all of us.

Alison McConnell